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Newborn Muslin Quilts

Newborn Muslin Quilts

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Our Newborn Muslin Quilt is an ultra-soft blanket, perfect to snuggle in. Muslin cotton fabric is one of the comfiest fabrics for cozy blankets. This reversable lightweight quilt offers a cool but not cold feel that will refresh their sleep, allowing them to rest peacefully no matter what the temperature is outside. Keeps baby cool in the summer and warm for the winter with its great sweat and water-absorbing capability. It is ideal for a swaddle blanket, car seat, or stroller blanket. Available in Pink and Blue and two sizes.

  • Fine stitch
  • Double-sided use: Keeps cool in summer and warm for winter.
  • Machine washable
  • 43" by 55" in which is ideal for swaddle blanket, car seat/stroller blanket

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