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Welcome to Sunveno

Sunveno: Your Partner in Joyful Parenting

Sunveno: Your Partner in Joyful Parenting

Featured in Baby Maternity Retailer Magazine | June 2024 Issue

Welcome to a world where parenting meets comfort and innovation. At Sunveno, we are dedicated to creating products that make the parenting journey a delightful experience. With the release of our latest Snuggle Ergonomic Baby Carrier, we are excited to share a new level of ease and joy with parents everywhere.

Introducing the Snuggle Ergonomic Baby Carrier

The Snuggle Ergonomic Baby Carrier is a testament to our commitment to innovation and comfort. This revolutionary baby carrier features a five-point safety harness and a structure that molds to the natural shape of your baby’s body, significantly reducing strain on their back, neck, and head. It’s crafted from waterproof, soft, and breathable material, with mesh inserts ensuring optimal ventilation and comfort.

Designed to grow with your child, the Snuggle Ergonomic Baby Carrier is suitable for babies aged 6 to 36 months. It offers three adjustable carrying modes and six positions, including a Hip seat, a Hipseat + Kangaroo wrap, and a Back carrier. The versatile positioning options, such as face-to-face, ensure that both parent and baby remain comfortable and close, fostering a deeper bond.

Why Choose Sunveno?

At Sunveno, our mission goes beyond just creating products; we aim to enhance the entire parenting experience. We understand the joys and challenges that come with raising children, and we strive to make every moment as joyful as possible. Our extensive range of products includes not only baby carriers but also a variety of maternity items designed to simplify and enrich your parenting journey.

With 18 years of experience and the trust of countless families, Sunveno has established itself as a reliable partner in joyful parenting. Our products are crafted with care, focusing on the needs of both parents and children, ensuring safety, comfort, and convenience.

Our Founders’ Promise

Christy and Leo, the passionate founders of Sunveno, share a deep commitment to supporting families in their parenting journey. "At Sunveno, we believe in creating happy memories with children," say Christy and Leo. "We are grateful to all the families who have trusted us over the years, and we are excited to continue this journey together."

Join us in making parenting a joyful adventure. Explore the Snuggle Ergonomic Baby Carrier and discover how Sunveno can bring comfort and happiness to your family.

Thank you for being part of our story.


Sunveno - Creating Happy Memories with Children

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